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Bob Ross painted nearly 400 Landscape and Seascape paintings during the 31 Series of 'The Joy of Painting.' He produced the books to accompany the series. Most of the paintings here are titled as in the books but of course it is my interpretation on the canvas which makes it unique as will yours when you complete one. I can assure you not one painting will be the same. It will make you see and appreciate nature as you have never done so before. Shape and form, light and shadow, things taken for granted, now become a study as you work in your painting. Photographs of favourite scenes come to mind as you start thinking how you can commit them to canvas. This wonderful, simple and much rewarding technique allows all of this and if you get as much pleasure as I have and many thousands who paint this way, then we have succeeded in Bob's legacy. All the paintings below can be completed on a one day workshop.