Coronavirus - COVID-19

25th of March, 2020

All workshops including the Painting Week in North Wales have been cancelled for the foreseeable future.  I am sure we are all feeling worried and concerned about this virus, we are certainly in unchartered territory but if we do as we have been advised to do then hopefully we will all pull through, let common sense prevail!  Perhaps too it will make us realise that we are vulnerable, no matter how clever and safe we think we are, when it comes to nature we will always be second best.

As for painting, well if you are in the fortunate position to find time on your hands, then may I encourage you to get those paints and canvases out. This is a fantastic way to get you through your days and perhaps take you into your own 'special world,' away from the craziness of living this one!  Being a Bob Ross Instructor can I suggest watching him on YouTube.  I think you can still purchase equipment etc., online and get them delivered, so why not do it, buy one or two of his instruction books as well.  Checking my gallery out might inspire you to paint your own versions.  Have you any photographs of your favourite places where you like to visit, why not have a go at committing them to canvas.

Check out the trailer for my online course.  The course itself costs £75, but it will lead you through all the different aspects of the 'wet on wet' oil painting technique.  Once you have purchased it, its yours for life, its a great reference tool which you can refer too at anytime, especially if you are encountering problems. 

Hopefully it won't be too long before we can resume the workshops but until then, stay safe and take care of yourselves,

God Bless,