'Aurora Borealis' - December 2020

5th of November, 2020

Join me in this stunning painting of the 'Northern Lights.' Painted on a black canvas and using transparent paints we create a theatre of lights in the night sky!   

The day will commence at 9.30am and hopefully finish between 4 and 4.30pm  Social distancing measures will be in place.  Masks, gloves, anti bacterial wipes and hand sanitizer will be provided should you forget or don't bring your own. I will not be checking temperatures but will trust common sense will prevail regarding your own state of health.  Only 2 places will be available for each work shop.  Don't forget to bring your butties and you may want to consider a flask or bottled drink as well.  Water will be provided with throw away cups. Also don't forget your apron, kitchen roll and if you have been to my workshops before your 'pizza' box to carry your work home in, if not I will provide one for you.  I think I have covered everything but if not any further queries don't hesitate to contact me.   Look forward to seeing you in somewhat peculiar times!!

Venue:-  Garden Studio

Dates for this workshop:-

Wednesday 16th December 2020    2 places available

Friday 18th December 2020              2 places available

Saturday 19th December 2020          2 places available