New Paintings for Workshops

15th of June, 2020

Below are just 3 recently completed canvases for up and coming workshops.  Hopefully now as the country begins to start the slow process of 'reopening' it won't be too long before my workshops can resume.  It will probably mean a maximum of 2 can attend at any one time, still abiding to the social distancing rules etc.  Please keep checking the website for more information and the dates when the 'doors will open for business.'

Trust you are all watching 'The Joy of Painting' on BBC 4 with Bob and really being inspired to paint!  He still amazes me and I am still learning from watching him.  That's the wonderful thing about art, you are forever learning, you will never paint the 'perfect' painting, if you did what's the point of continuing on!  Its such a creative, imaginative and much rewarding past time, and we can thank Bob for giving us the opportunity to enter his world and paint just like him.

Look forward to seeing you in the very near future,